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Data Warehouse Specialists

Making better business decisions quickly is the key to succeeding in a competitive marketplace.  The data warehouse concept evolved from the growing need for a mechanism to allow rapid analysis of business information.  A data warehouse can be used  to store current and historical data from different operational systems that business decision makers need in a single, consolidated system.

Populating the data warehouse can be a complex task.  We have the expertise to define data sources, identify transformations, and design a data load process to populate your data warehouse.  The final and most important step in implementing a data warehouse is putting the data to use; this includes querying the data, analyzing the data, and creating reports, charts, and graphs.  We can help with the implementation of reporting tools to ensure that data stored in the warehouse can be readily accessed by business decision makers.


Oracle database technology, the industry's most comprehensive and integrated solution, offers everything you need to design, build, use, and maintain a scaleable, corporate data warehouse.  We have years of experience building and maintaining Oracle based data warehouses in both a UNIX and Windows NT environment.

SQL Server

For those sites that use Windows NT Server and rely primarily on Microsoft products and applications, Microsoft's SQL Server can be easily deployed and integrated with existing applications for use as a corporate data warehouse repository.

Oracle Transparent Gateway

Oracle Transparent Gateways (OTG) provide an excellent mechanism for migrating data from a mainframe or legacy environment to an Oracle database.  Our firm has experience with the Oracle Transparent Gateway running on Digital's VMS operating system.  Specifically, we have over 5 years working experience with Oracle's SQL*Connect for Rdb and Oracle's SQL*Connect for for RMS software products.

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